Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Stilt Sandpiper

Stilt Sandpiper in Cheshire
The morning of the 1st of September was spent on the computer trying to find out train times and prices to get to Northwich Station in Cheshire. It would be a 4 and a half hour trip their and a 5 and a half hour trip back but it was made far easier when my friend Andrew took pity on me and drove me their. We arrived on site (Neumann's Flash) at about 16:30 and we were told the stilt sand was still their so I quickly walked and ran a bit to the hide and I was greeted with good views of the Stilt Sandpiper! It was a moulting adult still showing the heavy barring on the under-parts and was still keeping hold some black scapulars, The bright supercilium long bill, grey upper-parts and white rump made it look like a dumpy Curlew Sand, Great Bird! After missing the Northumberland bird last year it was great to catch up with this species.  

(Stilt Sandpiper - Harry Murphy)

Stilt Sandpiper - Harry Murphy)